Data Processing Platform

Simple as RabbitMQ, robust as Apache Kafka, perfect for busy developers.
Install Memphis by pasting one of the commands below in your terminal,
and start your journey towards real-time applications in seconds.

					curl -s -o docker-compose.yml && docker compose -f docker-compose.yml -p memphis up
					helm repo add memphis --force-update && helm install memphis memphis/memphis --create-namespace --namespace memphis --wait

Popular use cases

Why Memphis?

"It took me three minutes to build in Memphis what took me a week and a half in Kafka"

1-Command Deployment

Runs natively on any Kubernetes and Docker environments, and fully optimized for production from the get-go.


A message broker with an amazing DevEx and UI for both data engineers and developers with real-time troubleshooting and tracing of moving data.


Memphis broker is distributed and persistent
Including mirroring, replication, storage tiering,
and autonomous dead-letter queue.


Unique, robust, and easy-to-use schema management.
It includes live schema evolution, transformation, validation, and enforcement for data contracts.
Protobuf, Avro, JSON, and GraphQL


A hub of ready-to-use connectors written by the community and popular vendors like S3, Snowflake, Firebolt, BigQuery, and more.

Serverless stream enrichment

Inline enrichment and analysis of ingested data using serverless functions using cloud providers such as AWS Lambda.

Multi tenancy

Dedicated to SaaS platforms.
Memphis supports multi-tenancy across all its layers including node selection.

Storage tiering

Memphis can offload messages that crossed their first storage policy to a second storage type on object storage like S3 for longer retention.

Production-Grade MQ in 3 steps

Reduce your dev time with building event-driven apps by 90% compared to other MQs and MBs like Kafka, and RabbitMQ.
A real-time data platform, crafted to eliminate the heavy-lifting from data engineers and developers.

Step 1


					Go to http://localhost:9000/login
					kubectl port-forward service/memphis-cluster 6666:6666 9000:9000 7770:7770 --namespace memphis > /dev/null &

Step 2



Step 3



Martin Brodbeck
CTO // Priceline

What used to take three months in Kafka takes three minutes with Memphis. And with 90% fewer costs in the process.

David Mytton
Founder //

All that time you spend scaling, managing, and maintaining Kafka is better spent building your actual product. Memphis frees you to do just that.

Guy Podjarny
Founder // Snyk

Fits perfectly for microservices architecture and cloud-native environments.

Arjun Anjaria
Head of Data // Tiqets

Memphis gives you all the benefits of a traditional message broker minus all the deployment and operational overhead.

Tal Goldberg
Sr. Software Engineer // Palo Alto Networks

Async communication between microservices = use Memphis.

Carlos Gasperi
Software Engineer // Abnormal Security

I didn't realize working with a message broker could be pleasant until I came across Memphis.

Fred Simon
Chief Data Scientist // JFrog

The user experience and management tools allow different data stakeholders to collaborate over the pipelines.

Ran Ribenzaft
CTO // Epsagon (Cisco)

Message brokers are the core of the modern organization. Finally, I enjoy working with one.

Ariel Bar
Sr. Software Engineer // Zoominfo

It helped me build microservices-based data pipelines.

Daniel Eliyahu
Sr. Software Engineer // Bottomline

Less troubleshooting time. At least 50% of my time got back to me.

Judd Misael Baguio
Sr. Software Engineer // Penbrothers

I used NATS before when I try to implement event-driven side projects but Memphis made it better because of the dashboard UI and it really helped me debug the flow of my messages that were sent.

Marcelo Okano
CEO // OKN Group

Easy to install and run, very fast, an excellent alternative to Kafka.