Data Streaming Platform
For Your App

Memphis is an open-source, real-time data processing platform for in-app streaming use cases.
Install Memphis by pasting one of the commands below in your terminal,
and start doing data streaming on a massive scale, focusing on logic, not configuration.

					curl -s -o docker-compose.yml && docker compose -f docker-compose.yml -p memphis up
					helm repo add memphis --force-update && helm install memphis memphis/memphis --create-namespace --namespace memphis

Memphis is great for

Why Memphis?

1-Command Deployment

Runs natively on any Kubernetes and Docker environments, and fully optimized from the get-go.


Resiliency is one of Memphis's core building blocks.
Out-of-the-box dead-letter-queue, resource optimizations, and events restoration without code changes.


A hub of ready-to-use connectors written by the community and popular applications like S3, Snowflake, Firebolt, BigQuery, and more


A message broker with an amazing DevEx and UI for both data engineers and developers with real-time troubleshooting and tracing of ingested data.

Schema Management

Unique, robust, and easy-to-use schema management with inline transformation for streamed data.

Stream processing

Enrich and analyze streamed data upon arival using serverless functions

Messaging Queue in 3 steps

Reduce your dev time with building event-driven apps by 90% compared to other MQs like Kafka, and RabbitMQ.
A real-time data platform, crafted to eliminate the heavy-lifting from Data Engineers and Developers.

Step 1


					Go to http://localhost:9000/login
					kubectl port-forward service/memphis-ui 9000:80 --namespace memphis & ; kubectl port-forward service/memphis-cluster 7766:7766 --namespace memphis & ; kubectl port-forward service/control-plane 6666:6666 6667:80 --namespace memphis &

Step 2



Step 3



Coming Up


4 Key Design Principles and Guarantees of Streaming Databases

A deep analysis of the critical considerations to think about when building a streaming database


v0.3.6 is out!

Main Features: