Our world is built out of a chain of events, and our mission is to reinvent the way we stream and process them.
The Story
Historically, message brokers started as a buffer for async communication between two or more services
Over time, message brokers evolved and scaled to support analytical use cases,
and as the amount of data grew, so did the challenges:
Management overhead, complicated troubleshooting,
data quality, costs, slow time-to-value, and more.
We were the engineers who needed to craft workarounds to tackle the above challenges,
and so we decided to create Memphis.dev-

A frictionless, intelligent, data streaming platform.
Built to help teams of all sizes move extremely faster and easier with real-time data—ingestion to Insights.

Meet the Crew

We're a small, remote team working on interesting problems at the edge of compute, distributed systems, languages, and compilers.

Yaniv Ben Hemo Co-Founder & CEO
Yaniv Ben Hemo Co-Founder & CEO
Yaniv Ben Hemo Co-Founder & CEO
Jan 2022 Memphis.dev was founded

May 2023 Memphis beta open-source has released!

Jan 2023 Celebrating the 1st year of Memphis

3K deployments

April 2023 Open-source turned into GA

July 2023 Memphis.dev Cloud is now public beta

Sep 2023 Memphis.dev Cloud is GA

Our Investors

Investors are individuals or organizations that provide capital to a company or venture in exchange for an ownership stake.

Company culture
To accelerate the economy by scaling trust between businesses
Play nice, but win

We are a group of individuals dedicated to finding solutions. We highly appreciate inquisitiveness, compassion, and a wide range of viewpoints. We feel enthusiastic about the range of challenges we are tackling. Our approach involves analyzing situations from fundamental principles and we prioritize hands-on learning. Our team consists of people with various backgrounds and expertise, yet we all share a strong passion for our work, personal interests, and establishing meaningful connections.

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