The Changing Face Of ETL

Data growth was a direct result of the popularity of the world wide web. Increased traffic on websites and web-based applications were also some of the factors. Web data collection began as an instrument for debugging web applications by analyzing log files and erroneous outputs. However, it was not limited to this as people started […]

Event Streams Are Nothing Without Action

Each data point in a system that produces data on an ongoing basis corresponds to an Event. Event Streams are described as a continuous flow of events or data points. Event Streams are sometimes referred to as Data Streams within the developer community since they consist of continuous data points. Event Stream Processing refers to […]

Event Sourcing Outgrows the Database

Introduction  Event sourcing is not a new word, if you are working in tech you must have come across event sourcing. Event sourcing is a powerful tool and is adapted by many large organizations as their database architectural design. It has the capability to scale up and serve the needs of the modern data industry.  […]

4 Key Design Principles and Guarantees of Streaming Database

Real-time data processing is a foundational aspect of running modern technology-oriented businesses. Customers want quicker results than ever and will defect at the slightest opportunity of having faster outcomes. Hence organizations these days are in a continuous hunt to shave off milliseconds from their responses.  Real-time processing is taking over most aspects that were earlier […]

The Future of SQL: Databases Meet Stream Processing

SQL was created in 1974 and has become a very useful and popular tool for programmers who develop applications for various businesses. Even though this is a fairly simple programming language, it provides a lot of significant advantages, which makes it an important and necessary tool for data scientists. However, over the past decades, technology […]

Apache Kafka Use Cases: When To Use It & When Not To

Introduction Microservices and event-based application architectures have revolutionized the modern application landscape. Gone are the days when batch-based processing was acceptable. These days, architects strive to achieve near-real timeliness and completely decoupled application architecture to meet the speed and availability requirements. Decoupled applications typically use an event management system r to facilitate integration between various […]

Here is Why You Need a Message Broker

Hopefully, by the end of this article, you will be able to understand the importance of using a message-driven architecture for building your next project.