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1. What is

Memphis{dev} is an open-source real-time data processing platform
that provides end-to-end support for in-app streaming use cases using Memphis distributed message broker.

Memphis' uniquenesses are zero ops, fast development, extreme cost reduction, coding barriers,
and saving a great amount of time for data-oriented developers and data engineers.

2. What struggles does Memphis solve?

  • Too many data sources become too complicated to handle.
  • Different and complex schemas get in the way.
  • It's difficult to transform schema and analyze streamed data per source.
  • Currently, stream processing requires stitching multiple applications together like Apache Kafka, Flink, and NiFi. Real-time becomes near-real-time, or far-real-time.
  • Loss of messages due to lack of retransmits, crashes, and monitoring.
  • The event's journey is challenging to debug and troubleshoot.
  • Kafka, RabbitMQ, NATS, and other MQs are HARD to deploy, manage, secure, update, onboard, and tune.
  • Turning batch processes into real-time can be complicated and time-consuming.

3. Features


  • Production-grade message broker in under 3 minutes
  • GUI and CLI
  • Data-level observability
  • Kubernetes-native
  • Message Journey
  • SDKs: Python, Go, Node.js, Typescript, Nest.JS
  • Schema management with support in JSON Schema, Avro, Protobuf, and GraphQL

A full roadmap can be found here

4. The team

We run as one, from marketing to operations to product to development, growing fast and constantly evolving, learning, and doing our best to enjoy the ride.

We highly encourage learning, writing, meetups, contributions to other OSS projects, and community activities.

Our culture is to lead every team member individually to achieve great personal development while maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

As an open-source first company, we consider our precious contributors an essential part of our team, and we do our best to cherish every contributor.

5. Vision

Our mission is to build the best-in-class dev-first, open-source event-processing platform that will enable millions of developers to better engage with data and build greater data-driven applications and streaming pipelines in friction of time and complexity.

6. Backed by

Memphis has secured a $5.5M seed round led and supported by the world's best VCs, angels, and advisors -


Angular Ventures

Guy Podjarny (Snyk)

Jim Rose (CircleCI)

David Mytton (

Adam Frankl, Marketing Advisor (JFrog, Neo4j, Sourcegraph)

Martin Brodbeck, Tech Advisor (Priceline, Shutterstock)

7. Open-Source

Memphis is an open-source first product and company. Memphis will always be open-source and community-driven as we consider the community as the source of power behind building truly disruptive technology.

8. Locations

Delaware, US

Tel-Aviv, Israel

Scotland, UK

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We will keep you updated

It's all about data engineering and dev practical materials

We will keep you updated

It's all about data engineering and dev practical materials