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Predictive Pricing

Experience Predictable Monthly Costs, Just Like with DigitalOcean - No Surprises, Just Clarity!

Zero Operations

Get Production-Ready in Minutes with Memphis Platform: Minimal Operations and Management Needed!


Comprehensive Support for All, from Startups to Large Enterprises: Guiding Your Apps to Market Success!

No Special Skills Required

With, as with DigitalOcean, you don't need ebooks, certifications, or courses to master streaming. It's designed for everyone!

Compatible with NATS API Offers Full Compatibility with NATS API and soon with Kafka as well.

Efortless scale

Unlike Kafka, Cloud eliminates the hassle of scaling, partition strategies, and more. Enjoy a seamless serverless experience – we've got everything covered for you!

See it in action

While other tools need optimizations and wrappers

Memphis Provides a Wide Range of Built-In Features - Ready to Use Right Out of the Box!

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Here is what our customers are saying

Fred Simon
Chief Data Scientist // JFrog

The user experience and management tools allow different data stakeholders to collaborate over the pipelines.

David Mytton
Founder //

All that time you spend scaling, managing, and maintaining Kafka is better spent building your actual product. Memphis frees you to do just that.

Guy Podjarny
Founder // Snyk

Fits perfectly for microservices architecture and cloud-native environments.

Arjun Anjaria
Head of Data // Tiqets

Memphis gives you all the benefits of a traditional message broker minus all the deployment and operational overhead.

Tal Goldberg
Sr. Software Engineer // Palo Alto Networks

Async communication between microservices = use Memphis.

Carlos Gasperi
Software Engineer // Abnormal Security

I didn't realize working with a message broker could be pleasant until I came across Memphis.

Maxime de Streel
Cloud Engineer // Dstny

This is the simple and effective solution I was seeking—a solution that just works without needing too much attention.

Ran Ribenzaft
CTO // Epsagon (Cisco)

Message brokers are the core of the modern organization. Finally, I enjoy working with one.

Ariel Bar
Sr. Software Engineer // Zoominfo

It helped me build microservices-based data pipelines.

Daniel Eliyahu
Sr. Software Engineer

Less troubleshooting time. At least 50% of my time got back to me.

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No credit card required

Basic includes:

  • Limited to 1GB/mo
  • Up to 2 Stations (Topics)
  • 1 Retention days/Station
  • 2 Management users
  • functions-invocations
  • functions-total-duration-ms

No credit card required

Includes Basic, plus

  • Up to 10 Stations (Topics)
  • 3 Retention days per station
  • Dead-letter consumption
  • Stream processing (Functions)
  • Slack integration
  • Graph overview
  • Email support
  • Notifications
  • 5 Management users

No credit card required

Includes Growth, plus

  • Up to 30 Stations (Topics)
  • 7 Retention days per station
  • Storage tiering
  • Priority support
  • Onboarding session
  • Schema Enforcement
  • 8 Management users

Custom /mo


No credit card required

Includes Business, plus

  • Unlimited Stations
  • 31 Retention days per station
  • Slack/Teams private channel
  • Active Directory / LDAP
  • VPC Private link
  • Dedicated Customer Success Manager
  • Custom SLA
  • Unlimited management users
Starts at



  • License: BSL 1.0
  • Memphis Broker
  • Connectors
  • Unlimited management users
  • Integration center
  • Community Support
  • Schema Enforcement
Open-Source Support Bundle
Starts at

Custom /mo


  • 24/7/365 Enterprise support
  • Custom SLA
  • Architecture sessions
  • Implementation assistence
  • Email support
  • Phone support
  • Slack/Teams support
Cloud FAQ
Frequently asked questions about Cloud

The cumulative gigabytes transferred across the platform, encompassing both inbound and outbound data.

You will automatically move to the next bucket. For example, if you started with up to 1 GB bucket and in the middle of the month, you already transferred 2.5 GBs, that means that you will be automatically transferred to the next bucket which is up to 5GB. The next month's subscription will be the last one used.

There is no additional price for the usage in "Functions", it's part of the amount of data that is being transferred through the system.

Highly. Each account resides on dedicated computing and storage resources, offering complete isolation from "noisy neighbors" and accidental data leakage.

- Seamless Scalability
- Enhanced Performance
- Always updated
- Effortless Maintenance
- Global Accessibility
- Data Security, both as a company and a platform, adheres fully to SOC2 type 1 and 2, GDPR, and ISO27001 compliance standards. The platform, along with each account, boasts complete redundancy across three availability zones and spans at least two regions across two distinct cloud providers. Rigorous periodic defense and penetration tests are conducted by reputable certified organizations on both the company and the platform. Additionally, backups are performed every hour to ensure data integrity and security.

The sole restriction is a message size limit of 10MB—no additional limitations apply.

Yes. Please reach out to us via and we will explain how.

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